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inamo Montaloups is specialized in the creation and production of facades, paintings, wall friezes, backgrounds and personalized exterior signs on enameled earthenware and stoneware.

rtisans, we only produce tailor-made and entirely handmade in France and abroad. Finishing touches nuanced or cracked, backgrounds with tailor-made friezes: we love matter, like your know-how.
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Reflections of your knowledge, facades indicate with a glance your personality, your attachment to some values, your involvement in the quality and your environment. It is your everyday communication in a permanent contact with your current and future clients... You have a clear idea of the painting you would like? Send us the illustration you want, we will realize it carefully freehand on ceramic tile (stoneware or earthenware). Standard 15x15 CL5 Vertical decorations on your facade are a reflection of your activity and help clarify its specificities. They're in harmony with the interior decoration from which they reflect the style - and are made on enameled stoneware for an irreproachable quality.
All our realizations All our realizations All our realizations